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make-up-eyes Recruitment

Life of the Recruiter #EpisodeThree

As recruiters spend a majority of time searching for candidates, I thought I would share how this looks, and the steps I take. LinkedIn Recruiter – a great benefit is…
aphsalt-track Recruitment

Live your purpose

Do I love recruitment? NO. Absolutely not. I hate being treated badly. I hate that people don’t see my value. I hate being lied to. I hate our payment terms.…
bear-teeth-scary Recruitment

Life of the Recruiter #EpisodeTwo

The recruiter is at offer stage with the candidate. The interview process has been smooth sailing. Client loves the candidate. Candidate loves the client. Every recruiter box possible has been…
life-of-the-recruiter Recruitment

Life of the Recruiter #EpisodeOne

I want to share my occupation with you. I’ve had the phone put down on me, I’ve been lied to, sworn at, backstabbed, ignored and worse, and this is all…
alone-water-deck Recruitment

Sorry for the silence

I’ve been quiet which is very unlike me but 2018 has proven to be the year of CHANGE. Not always comfortable, safe or pleasant, yet finally seeing the rainbow and…
sparkles-night Recruitment

8 lessons learnt, from my first 8 years

You can do business with family. With respect, trust and boundaries, there is absolutely no need why you couldn’t involve family.I’ve been extremely fortunate to have my parents involved managing…
phone-laugh Developers

The real interview process

Did you know your interview starts at the first point of communication? “PLEASE SEND YOUR CV IN PDF ALONG WITH REASONS WHY YOU WOULD BE SUITABLE FOR THE ROLE” That…
frustrated-man Developers

It sucks being in the job market

For the human race to have evolved to a place where we sending cars into space, you would think we would have made applying for work easier. Job hunting is…
woman-message-sign ClientsDevelopers

The importance of communication

“80% of your success will be determined by your communication skills” As recruiters, we often get asked what skills are lacking or desired in the marketplace, and after expanding our…

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