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Who Made All Of This Possible?

Samantha started her tech recruitment career in 2005. In the past 13 years, she headed up 2 recruitment divisions, built 2 recruitment companies and to date strategized, recruited and trained 3 external recruitment teams. With the knack for the tech industry, learning the art of attracting tech talent, Samantha has focused all her efforts on optimizing the best recruitment methods for attracting tech candidates.

Nu Beginnings has received great success over the past couple of years, but like most industries, is ready for a new approach, innovative partnerships and cost-effective payment models.

Samantha is striving on building partnerships and slowly moving away from once-off transactions.

Firmly believing the recruitment industry needs to be fixed, Samantha along with Nu Beginnings is changing recruitment in South Africa.

“If you are unhappy, move. You are not a tree”

Samantha-Leigh HarperFounder
Samantha Leigh Harper

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